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Dual-entry bookkeeping, financial statements, managerial accounting, fraud, analytics: There are endless areas in which to study and improve when it comes to accounting. Direct Knowledge provides books to help you delve into unfamiliar territory or perfect skills you already possess. Written by professionals in the subjects, you can find books that provide clear explanations and thorough practice in applied skills so that you can reach new heights in your academic or professional career.

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A Helping Hand to Reach Your Goals

Accounting consists of meticulous record keeping of money and finance, forming a crucial part of any business. Professional accountants will have formal education and state certification, but those are just the final steps to a long process. Anyone can start gaining the skills for becoming an accountant at any time. For example, just getting familiar with spreadsheets in Excel or other software is an invaluable skill. Reading books on accounting can also introduce you to key concepts in the field. And that’s where we come in.

The books here provide you with the tools you need at any step of the process of learning about accounting. Even if you’re not planning on becoming an accountant; maybe you just want to learn about the subject because you’re about to start a business of your own. Understanding the ins and outs of the jobs that your workers will be doing can help you make their jobs easier and get better results. On the other hand, maybe you do want to become an accountant, or are just starting to consider it. You can find books on the basics, perfect for younger learners, supplementing university material, or for those changing fields of work.

The Variations of Accounting

Important subjects in accounting include cost analysis, taxes, finance, and management. Bookkeeping can also be important in the field, and sometimes even presents itself as a synonym. But in reality, accountants typically work together with bookkeepers who keep records of sales and transactions to make sure everything is in writing. Then, the accountant looks at financial statements and does audits to make sure all was recorded correctly.

Because accountants are needed in all businesses, the field is full of chances for advancing in many ways. Accountants can live practically anywhere, and work in practically any type of business. Even personal finances can benefit from some quality accounting. You could hire a bookkeeper to do it for you, or you could learn the basics here. The books in this category can walk you through every step of the way.

Whatever stage you might be in, there’s a book that can help raise you to the next one. And our range of eBooks is just a click away for anyone around the world. All that’s left for you to do is pick a place to start, and jump right in.

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