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Modern medicine increasingly uses scientific methods and advanced techniques to solve problems relating to health, meaning a lot of workers in the field spend their time in laboratories conducting experiments and trials. But there’s still plenty of opportunity to work one-on-one with patients and see their lives change for the better. The books here can help you find your niche, and help you along the path of reaching your goals.

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Promoting Well-Being

Medicine isn’t just pills and bandages; it is a wide field with doctors, nurses, and other specialists doing many tasks. The field includes the diagnosis of disease, as well as treatments, prevention, research, and more. The goal of all this is to promote health and wellness in all people. But the human body is a complex thing, so there’s not always consensus on how to go about doing this. Here you can take a look at the many facets of this field, from the basics and simple definitions to the debates and new developments.

A Fork in the Road

Conventional medicine is a good place to start for the basics. In the modern sense, it is what we think of when we think about hospitals and trained doctors. It includes the use of medicine, surgery, and general support of lifestyle changes to promote health. This field doesn’t only include medicine in the sense of drugs. It also includes other treatments like counseling and physical therapy. But, the main trait of this type of medicine is that it uses scientific evidence and clinical trials to confirm results. The methods go through tough testing to show they work.

The other type of practice in medicine to be aware of is alternative methods. This includes acupuncture, homeopathy, herbal medicine, and more. Some of the methods in this type of medicine are similar to “complementary” methods used in conventional medicine. For example, relaxation, meditation, herbal supplements, and art therapy are lifestyle choices that might help people feel better in certain ways. But the difference is that any benefits of these practices are not tested with clinical trials and scientific methods. This can make some treatments verge on dangerous, as they claim to have certain benefits but might also have unknown harmful side effects.

A Range of Options

Within these two areas, you can find many sub-topics. Clinical practice includes working directly with patients to give them treatment such as medicine and surgery. But in addition to practice itself, there are the other areas which aid it. Research, lab work, creating medical devices; anything that doesn’t involve working directly with patients and applying medical practices.

The road to a career in medicine can be a long one, especially if looking to become a doctor. But our range of eBooks is here to help you in your problem areas, and it’s just a click away for anyone around the world.

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