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Within the Direct Knowledge bookstore, as in other sections of the site, you’ll find five main sections of educational books: applied sciences, formal sciences, humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences. The section of applied sciences books holds various materials that build on foundations of formal and natural sciences. In the field, existing scientific knowledge and methods are used to expand the tools we have at our disposal. These tools help us in our everyday life, as well as in more technical areas of society as a whole. Thus, it’s important to be up to date on how applied sciences affect the society we live in. Doing so can make your life easier, help you in your career or schooling, or help you make important decisions in scenarios such as voting.

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Applied Sciences Books Categories

The applied sciences books on Direct Knowledge include four categories of subjects: engineering, medicine, nursing, and veterinary science. However, each of these topics can be quite interdisciplinary and contain specific sub-topics.

This leads to books on various related themes that might not fit exactly into one of those categories. They also may overlap with other areas of science and even humanities. This is ideal for gaining a full grasp of each subject and learning to connect the dots between them. Blurred lines between subjects allows you to keep an open mind that includes a wider perspective of various topics. That way you don’t get stuck inside the box.


For example, the applied sciences books here won’t just talk about the work engineers do or the things they create.  Engineering might specifically deal with the process of applying new knowledge to improve or create new tools and structures in society: But, the field also requires great deal of background knowledge in subjects like math and physics.

Some of the applied sciences books here cover these topics as foundational materials of engineering. However, these books are still specifically applicable to or even made for those studying engineering. Notes on Diffy Qs, for example, is well-suited for engineering students taking their first courses in the field. Other books, such as Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering, will cover engineering topics more directly.

Medicine, Nursing, and Veterinary

The other three categories of topics within the section of applied sciences books are all closely related. Medicine, nursing, and veterinary science share qualities of medical study and applications. Their differences lie in the types of patients and methods of practice. Medicine and nursing focus on human patients and improving the health of humans. Veterinary science, on the other hand, deals with animals.

However, humans are ultimately animals like the rest of the living things on Earth. Thus, many of the topics and methods end up being similar. This is why animal testing has been so popular throughout the history of medicine: Even if animals aren’t exactly the same as us, they often react similarly to medicines and treatments.

Overlap and Related Themes

One of the overlapping areas of study here actually comes about partly from the above-mentioned use of animals in testing medicine: ethics. In the collection of applied sciences books, you’ll find Animals & Ethics 101. Through this book you’ll learn less about the scientific aspects of the veterinary field and more about thinking critically about the rights and treatment of animals. This is a topic that professionals in the field encounter daily, making it an important part of applied veterinary science. Similarly, the book Public Health Ethics: Cases Spanning the Globe looks more at ethics than science but for humans). It explores sensitive but important topics such as obesity, vaccinations, and HIV and how they relate to issues like race, gender, religion, and more.


Other applied sciences books are more subject-specific, sticking to the scientific fundamentals and applications in the field. Books such as Anatomy and Physiology and Veterinary Epidemiology look at some of the more basic concepts in human and animal medical areas, respectively. They are ideal for medical and veterinary study, or even for educators looking for material to help create lesson plans. Then, books such as Field Trials of Health Interventions: A Toolbox really delve into the applications part of applied science. It talks about how field trials help discover new methods of preventing and treating diseases. These methods include many of the tools such as vaccines and drugs that came from from scientific study of medicine.

With regards to nursing, scientific study and research are typically not the main focus. Nursing does involve these aspects, but they are part of the medical study and practice that nurses take part in which overlaps with general medical subjects. Nursing-specific books are those which focus on what makes nursing stand apart from other medical professions. Thus, the applied science books here talk more about what it’s like to work as a nurse and which skills are best to have to be successful.

One such book is Nursing Care at the End of Life. This applied sciences book, and others like it, gives information and management skills for facing certain situations in nursing. It can help prepare students who are getting ready to work in nursing homes, or even help those already working as nurses. Books such as these can help people looking to switch into certain fields within nursing, or just improve their current skills in the area.

The Benefits Await

Whatever the topic, the applied sciences books offered here will all add to your knowledge and skills. Students and educators will find plenty of material to help them through classes. For instance, many of the books  include practice problems, especially in areas such as math and physics. Professionals, too, can find material for staying up to date on current events in their field or gaining new skills. And the eBook format of these books means that they are ideal for anyone anywhere on a variety of devices (in addition to helping reduce deforestation and declutter your home). So take a look through the selection of applied sciences books to find out how they can improve your grades, knowledge, and skills.

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