Blueprint for Success in College and Career

Blueprint for Success in College and Career (Book Review)

Is college stressing you out? Maybe you're unsure about the future? Blueprint for Success in College and Career can help. This book lays out advice for working hard, learning a lot, enjoying yourself, and planning for a fulfilling career.

Blueprint for Success in College and Career

From high school to college to career. This is the typical trajectory to success for many in the 21st century. However, many people can find this path daunting. Recent high school graduates are expected to choose a major, which could determine their careers. Then, college brings about more stressors, including social life, mental health, finances, and, of course, the uncertain future. Blueprint for Success in College and Career addresses many of the growing pains people face in the collegiate and professional worlds. Therefore, it can make a great gift for high school graduates. It is also useful for people transferring colleges, starting their careers, or making some other large transition that requires you to hit the books and learn.

Blueprint for Success in College and Career merges four previous publications that focus on key learning skills for college students. As a result, this updated guide is comprehensive and covers an array of topics. It provides new techniques for studying, managing time, listening, note-taking, and critical thinking. Plus, it approaches college life from a holistic point of view. After all, you cannot study well without living well. For example, there are chapters on nutrition, social interaction, substance abuse, mental health, sexual health, and more. The longest chapter is about career exploration, giving readers new ways of thinking about their career options, interview tips, and networking advice.

About the Author of Blueprint for Success in College and Career

Dave Dillon holds a master’s degree in counseling from the University of San Diego, and he has seen many career changes. First, he coached college basketball for seven years. Then, he spent a year substitute teaching grades K-12, four years working in entertainment for the San Diego Padres and a year as a video game analyst. He then continued counseling and teaching at the community college level.

Publisher: Rebus Community
License: Attribution

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