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Freelancing (Classified Ads for Professionals)

Direct Knowledge offers a ready-made client base for professionals looking for opportunities to freelance in the online learning industry. We pride ourselves on being a community of educational collaborators. From design and editing to video production or translation, learn how our classified ads for professionals can connect you with others looking to self-publish their work.

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Scholarly Articles (and How to Publish Them)

In the academic world, scholarly articles are essential. Knowing how to produce them is crucial to many professional realms of life. We’ll go over writing scholarly articles, and how you can utilize online communities to help complete your own academic work. Also learn the benefits of self-publishing your scholarly articles.

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Online Courses (Enhance Your Education Today)

Online courses offer a great alternative to students whose traditional college education has been interrupted for various reasons. Online courses are available whenever and wherever you are and cost a fraction of a typical college course. Learn about the online courses offered on Direct Knowledge and how they can help you supplement your education.

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Online Learning (and What It Can Do for You)

The impacts of technology are felt in all areas of modern life, including education. Technology has made it possible for students to learn remotely instead of being physically present in a class. Online learning is having a big impact on students everywhere. Learn about the various means of online learning and their advantages.

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How to Publish a Book (Self-Publish Your Work)

Writing a book seems like an unattainable goal for many people. If this sounds like you, find some tips in this article to help you get started writing. It also describes how you can self-publish your book and services available on Direct Knowledge to get you through the writing and publishing process.