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Writing Services (Everything You Need to Know to Succeed)

People use writing services to help technically and strategically share content, ideas, and information. Many professionals utilize writing services, no matter the industry, to assist with things like professional development and website rankings. Learn more about this helpful service here.

Typesetting Services Person's Hand Typing On Laptop

Typesetting Services (Everything You Need to Know)

Typesetting services are vastly different than they were a few decades ago. With professional writing taking place on word processors instead of typewriters, the need for designing visually pleasing type structure is still relevant. Learn about why typesetting services are still crucial to learn or hire in today’s working world.

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Translation Services (Everything You Need to Know)

Translation services provide a useful tool for reaching new audiences outside of a single language. For the most effective reach as an author or professional, multiple translations help to build stronger bonds to more readers than ever even imagined. Learn about translation services and what they can help to accomplish here.

Formal Sciences Inner Life of the Mind

Formal Sciences – The Definitive Guide to Getting Started

Formal sciences are fields which have developed formal languages to describe systems of information. The topics in the field include accounting, actuarial science, computer science, programming, and mathematics. Articles, books, and courses are available to further explain these fields of study, providing a convenient, online source for supplementing traditional courses or for self-learning.

Humanities Global International Community Communication Concept

Humanities – The Definitive Guide to Getting Started

The humanities are fields which study human nature and skills. The main topics discussed here include philosophy, journalism, library science, and visual arts. Articles, books, and courses are available to further explain these fields of study and their intersections with other fields. Together, these materials form a convenient online source for supplementing traditional courses or for self-learning.

Social Sciences Articles - Left right human brain concept, emotial and logic parts concept with social and business doodle illustration of left side, and art

Social Sciences – The Definitive Guide to Getting Started

Social sciences investigate human society and relationships. The social science fields highlighted here include anthropology, psychology, sociology, economics, education, and geography. Articles, books, and courses are available to further explain these fields and how they interact. These materials provide a convenient, online source for supplementing traditional courses or for self-learning.

Natural Sciences Articles - DNA molecule research Mixed media

Natural Sciences – The Definitive Guide to Getting Started

The natural sciences study naturally occurring phenomena by collecting data through both observation and experimentation. The information and materials provided here cover biology, chemistry, physics, Earth science, and space science. Articles, books, and courses are available to further explain these fields, all via convenient, online source for supplementing traditional courses or for self-learning.

Applied Sciences Eye scanning image

Applied Sciences – The Definitive Guide to Getting Started

The applied sciences take existing scientific knowledge from natural or formal science and develop practical applications. The applied science fields highlighted here include engineering, medicine, nursing, and veterinary science. This definitive guide provides sources for convenient, online supplementation of traditional courses or for self-learning through our educational articles, books, and courses.

Marketing Services Group of creative young people making new project together

Marketing Services for Self-Publishing (Everything to Know)

Marketing services help authors connect their work to thousands of readers. Utilizing things like social media, content marketing, and expert strategies help make self-published authors successful. Read how to hire someone for marketing services and why they’re so important to authors.

Indexing Services Files Index Content Details Document Archives Concept

Indexing Services for Self-Publishing (Everything to Know)

Indexing your book can help provide readers with a path to your central themes and ideas. Read why indexing services are popular with self-published authors, and how an index can boost your book’s utility. For referencing, resourcefulness, and reader-friendly content, a great nonfiction or academic book should utilize all that an index has to offer.

Legal Services Businessman and Male lawyer or judge consult having team meeting with client, Law and Legal services concept

Legal Services for Self-Publishing (Everything to Know)

eBooks changed the way self-publishing authors can share their work. If you’re interested in self-publishing a book, you need to consider copyright laws, publisher’s rights, and other legal considerations. That’s why legal services are helpful for authors like you. Read about what legal steps you need to take to publish and distribute your book.

Editing Services Person writing on a document

Editing Services (Everything You Need to Know to Succeed)

Editing can be tough when it’s your own writing. Editing services provide self-published authors an extra set of eyes and an expert review of their work before it hits digital platforms like Amazon. Find out what editing services can do for you in this guide to the world of eBook editing.

Design Services E-book layout design draft graphic

Design Services for Self-Publishing (Everything to Know)

A great book should have great design work, including covers, infographics, and more. A pool of qualified digital designers are out there, waiting to make your next ebook a hit. Find out why design services are a great option for self-publishing authors. Plus, discover why every book should include graphics and design, no matter the subject.

Ebook Conversion Services Working people in office, typing on laptop keyboard

Ebook Conversion Services (Everything You Need to Know)

It’s one thing to write a book, but it’s another thing to get it ready for an eBook format. When getting the final touches put on your self-published work, hiring eBook conversion services can help get you ready for the Kindle marketplace and other popular formats.

Data Services Focused analyst showing annual financial report on laptop screen

Data Services for Self-Publishing (Everything to Know)

The data world is hard to break into if you’re not literate in numbers and statistics. Luckily, professionals are available to offer data services. This way, your book is ready for distribution while ensuring your content is informative and accessible. Find out what data services can do for your next self-published project.

Professional Development Services Business people working in office

Professional Development Services (Everything to Know)

Professional development services offer employees a new set of skills and opportunities in the working world. When searching for a new job, or looking to build on a current position, professional development helps working people build credibility, integrity, and passion for their industry.

Proofreading Services proofreading paper on white table

Proofreading Services (Everything You Need to Know)

Proofreading services provide writers with an amazing tool in their disposal. The best books and articles go through rigorous writing and editing proofreading processes. There are a lot of elements to proofreading that really make the world of writing go round and run smoothly.

Review Services Business Woman Working Brainstorming Ideas Planning Concept

Review Services (Everything You Need to Know to Succeed)

Review services play an integral role in the life of authors of all sorts. Reviews connect audiences to new works, help authors build a credibility in the industry, and truly bring great works to the mainstream. Find out why review services are integral to the eBook world and print industry alike.

Presentation Services Lecture theatre in university

Presentation Services (Everything You Need to Know)

Presentation services are the best way to put together an effective presentation for a professional or formal audience. Everything from presentation slides to videos and slide design can make or break a presentation. Utilize an expert’s touch by hiring for presentation services.

Video Production Services Video and Sound Editor Works With Colleague on a Project on Her Computer

Video Production Services (Everything You Need to Know)

Video production services make professional videos possible through pre and post-production elements and decision making. With videos growing each year as a means to engage with audiences in-person and online, learning the skills to become a video production services professional can help boost a skillset into new heights.

Contact Direct Knowledge

Contact Direct Knowledge (Let’s Start a Conservation)

Direct Knowledge exists to help students learn and help professionals publish their work. If you are an educator or any other professional who would like to publish an article on our site, or with an idea for a book or online course, contact us and find out how we can help you expose your idea to our wide readership.

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Current Events (Turning Knowledge Into Actionable Steps)

On Direct Knowledge, we highlight current events in various topics. Current event articles in applied science, formal science, natural science, social science, and the humanities will help you keep up to date in various fields and will bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and how that knowledge is applied in the world.

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