Taylor Bauer

Taylor is a writer and SEO manager with a B.S. in Political Communication from Illinois State University. He also received his M.S. in Communications from Illinois State. His background comes from journalism, working at an NPR member station for 3 years before transitioning to blogging and search engine marketing. He lives in Illinois with his wife and two Toy Australian Sheppards.

Taylor Bauer
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The Direct Knowledge online book shop specializes in high quality electronic books for students, educators, and professionals. The selection also includes workbooks, tutorials, instruction manuals, and other educational materials. Through the flexibility of online learning, Direct Knowledge allows you to shop for learning materials that give you freedom to learn at your own pace.

Direct Knowledge Blog

Direct Knowledge Blog

The Direct Knowledge blog exists to enhance the visibility of our efforts to create a premier online learning community. We will highlight the materials we offer to students, as well as the publishing opportunities we offer to educators and other professionals. We will also provide information on our classified ads and other community collaboration services.

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Author Registration (Sell Books and Courses)

Vendor registration on Direct Knowledge is easy, and helps your content reach new, diverse audiences. Whether you want to self-publish a book or develop an online course, using Direct Knowledge’s online learning platform simplifies the process. With a wide audience of traditional and non-traditional students, the Direct Knowledge community is the perfect place to showcase your content.

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Contact Us (Let’s Start a Conservation)

Direct Knowledge exists to help students learn and help professionals publish their work. If you are an educator or any other professional who would like to publish an article on our site, or with an idea for a book or online course, contact us and find out how we can help you expose your idea to our wide readership.

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Current Events (Turn Knowledge Into Results)

On Direct Knowledge, we highlight current events in various topics. Current event articles in applied science, formal science, natural science, social science, and the humanities will help you keep up to date in various fields and will bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and how that knowledge is applied in the world.

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About Us (Read About Direct Knowledge)

Direct Knowledge was founded by a professional educator with a simple mission: to bring high-quality educational content to learners, and to engage educators and other professionals with a place to publish. Through articles, books, and courses, we offer online learning experiences to fit your schedule. Additionally, our classified ads connect members at all stages of the publishing process.

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Learning (We help students advance their knowledge)

Direct Knowledge is an online learning platform with something for every type of learner. Whether you are looking to supplement traditional classroom learning or learn something totally new independently, our articles, books, and courses can help with your goals. With online learning, you can learn wherever and whenever fits into your schedule. Read more about our learning philosophy.

Current Events in Accounting

Current Events in Accounting (5 Need-to-Knows)

To those out of the loop, accounting sounds boring and dry. For professionals, it’s an industry and field booming with opportunity. Numbers aren’t everyone’s favorite, and many struggle with math, let alone accounting processes. Accounting is the process of managing numbers in a variety of settings. Every sort of business or establishment needs an accountant. …

Current Events in Accounting (5 Need-to-Knows) Read More

Scholarly Articles

Scholarly Articles (and How to Publish Them)

In the academic world, scholarly articles are essential. Knowing how to produce them is crucial to many professional realms of life. We’ll go over writing scholarly articles, and how you can utilize online communities to help complete your own academic work. Also learn the benefits of self-publishing your scholarly articles.

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