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Author Registration (Sell Books and Courses)

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Looking to sell books or courses on Direct Knowledge? You’ve come to the right place! Here you can learn about self-publishing on Direct Knowledge, how to create an online course, as well as how to publish a book on Direct Knowledge! With the growth of online learning pushing resources and tools to digital spaces, Direct Knowledge strives to give authors a place to sell their books and courses to students. Author registration on Direct Knowledge is easy, and helps your content reach new, diverse audiences.

Self-Publishing on Direct Knowledge

If you’ve ever considered writing an article or book for publication, then you know how tough it can be. Publishing through an agency or organization can be time consuming. Not to mention, it takes a good amount of money and effort as well. Direct Knowledge allows authors to take full advantage of self-publishing, making the process easier for everyone. Author registration is simple on Direct Knowledge, and allows you to self-publish books and courses to get content online and available for students in a smoother process. If you’re looking to sell your books and courses, then Direct Knowledge is the place to do so.

Creating a Course Could Boost your Career

If you’re looking to fill out the author registration for a course, we’re happy to have you. Of course, if you’re thinking about creating a course, now is a great time. Direct Knowledge hosts courses in a number of academic and professional fields, all of which reach the Direct Knowledge online community. If you have an expertise in a topic covered on Direct Knowledge, then creating a course is a great way to boost your career. Not to mention, it’s easy to create an online course. Direct Knowledge makes turning your knowledge into an online course easy.

Author Registration Articles Books and Courses Self-Publishing on Direct Knowledge

Direct Knowledge Makes Publishing Academic Books Easy

A huge hurdle once you’ve finally finished writing a book is how to actually get it published. The prospect of finding a publisher even deters some from writing a book at all. On Direct Knowledge, you can publish and sell your book easily. Reach an audience hungry for knowledge, and enjoy the online community all at once. Plus, you can interact directly with readers who purchase your book. Publishing doesn’t need to be a headache. If you have an electronic book, or are currently working on one, consider publishing on Direct Knowledge. Author registration below makes it easy to get started on selling your academic book!

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