Outstanding Space Scientists

Outstanding Space Scientists (10 Stellar Careers)

Whether it is planetary science, astronomy, meteorology, astrophysics, or life sciences, any study dealing with Earth’s atmosphere and the bounds beyond our planet is classified as space science. This broad area of study encompasses many disciplines and borrows theories and strategies of study from all scientific branches. Outstanding space scientists contribute to our understanding of …

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Sociology Articles - multiracial group with black african American Caucasian and Asian hands holding each other wrist in tolerance unity love and anti racism concept


What is Sociology? Sociology is the study of everyday life with regards to human behavior and interactions. It attempts to understand human society, and through that understanding make it better. It unifies practically all subjects from history and psychology to economics and government. This makes it rather complicated, but also highly fascinating. You’ll find a …

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Psychology Articles - Colors Of Me


Psychology Articles The brain is a fascinating and complex organ at the core of our biological existence. It is responsible for the distinct behaviors we take part in as humans, as well as the behaviors of other animals. Because the brain is so complex and not well-understood, the way it affects our behavior can be …

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Geography Articles - Watercolor geographical map of the world. Physical map of the world. Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, North America, South America, Antarctica, Indonesia. A realistic image


Geography Articles Unlike the geological and Earth Sciences, geography isn’t solely about the planet. It also looks at the people, animals, events, and other happenings on the land both in the present and throughout time. In fact, geography can even be said to include the study of the entire universe and all its features in …

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Education Articles - Speaker giving a talk on scientific conference Audience at the conference hall Business and Entrepreneurship concept


What Do Education Articles Look At? Education is more than just a body of knowledge we gain through school, or even the schooling itself. Rather, it is the structured passing down of information already gained by others. It is also the facilitation of discovering new things that can add to this body of knowledge. The …

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Economics Articles - Success concept walking up a staircase made of a chart


Economics Articles Although it has many mathematical aspects, economics is ultimately a social science. It uses math and science to study parts of society, namely the economy and what drives it. This consists of the production and then exchange and distribution of goods and services for money between the various players in the economy. The …

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Anthropology Articles - Rock paintings with magnifier on paper close up


Anthropology Articles Anthropology studies the roots and behaviors of humankind that make our species unique. From our evolutionary pasts to our modern present; from the individual to the society. Although it doesn’t focus so much on society—sociology takes charge of that area. Anthropology focuses more on other aspects of humans like our physical traits, environmental …

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Space Sciences Articles - Earth from the Moon

Space Sciences

Articles in the Space Sciences While not a new subject, space science has definitely gone through some drastic changes recently (well, in the last century or so at least). It now involves not just looking into space from the comfort of Earth, but also sending out probes and even people. Whether observational, theoretical, or practical …

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Physics Articles - Colorful ink in water


Physics Articles Many argue that physics is really the fundamental science on which all other sciences depend on. Even processes which we don’t fully understand, such as biological ones, still occur due to minute physical interactions at levels we just haven’t figured out yet. Arguments aside, physics is certainly one of the largest and oldest …

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Earth Sciences Articles - Earth at night was holding in human hands Earth day Energy saving concept, Elements of this image furnished by NASA

Earth Sciences

Articles in the Earth Sciences The Earth Science category explores the physical characteristics of planet Earth, including processes in, on, and around the planet and how they affect us over time. But, the term Earth Science might be a tad misleading; because the Earth is in fact a planet, Earth Science can also involve the …

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Chemistry Articles - Abstract molecule model Scientific research in molecular chemistry 3D illustration on a blue background


Chemistry Articles Chemistry is one of the fundamental sciences; something you’re likely to take a class in either in high school or college as a foundation on which to build. It looks at how the principal parts of matter interact with each other at the molecular level. Elements and compounds -and the atoms and subatomic …

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Biology Articles - Cells under a microscope. Cell division. Cellular Therapy. 3d illustration on a dark background


Biology Articles This natural science is (so far) unique to planet Earth. Other than some theoretical questions about extraterrestrial life posed by astrobiology, biology primarily studies life and living organisms here on our planet. Even more than that, biology really only applies to the organisms we know. We don’t even know all the organisms on …

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Visual Arts Articles - Eyes are many

Visual Arts

Articles in the Visual Arts Humans have an incredible innate ability to perceive the world around us through the use of our senses. Although what qualifies as a sense is up to some debate, it is generally agreed that the five primary senses are sight, touch, taste, hearing, and smell. Use of these senses has …

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Philosophy Articles - Tree of life sprouting from a well thought out book


Philosophy Articles Philosophy is the study of fundamental questions of life and general existence. It takes an analytical look at things which are often difficult, if not impossible, to study scientifically. For example, some popular questions you’ll find in these philosophy articles and other sources include: Do humans have free will? Does a God exist? …

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Library Science Articles - Concept of science Bookshelf full of books in form of tree

Library Science

Library Science Articles Sometimes also called library studies, library economy, library and information science, librarianship, and bibliothecography, library science is an interdisciplinary science that deal with more than just libraries themselves. It incorporates a number of academic and scientific fields in order to optimize the compilation, organization, preservation, and distribution of information. The main goals …

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Journalism Articles - Group of cheerful journalists asking questions during press conference, taking interview


Journalism Articles In modern free societies, we view the production and distribution of informational reports on current events as crucial to the public good. Journalism performs this role, keeping the public informed and active in the world around them. Knowing what’s happening in the world around us and how it affects us lets us make …

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Programming Articles - Coding Program With Encryption Symbols


Programming Articles In this category, you’ll find information about what is becoming a critical part of modern society: computer programming. So much technology relies on programming to function, making it a skill in high demand. Even elementary schools are beginning to teach the fundamentals of programming to kids! For the rest of us, it helps …

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Mathematics Articles - Scientist Adding Microscopy To Brain Study App


Mathematics Articles Surprisingly, mathematics has no widely accepted definition. It has been defined in various ways for centuries, such as the science of quantity, logic, or intuition. A few main schools of thought exist today about how to formally define it, but let’s leave that for more in-depth mathematics articles. In a nutshell, you can …

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Accounting Articles - Business concept. Business people discussing the charts and graphs showing the results of their successful teamwork

Accounting (Articles, Books, and Careers)

Accounting, also known as accountancy or financial reporting, is the management of economic information for entities such as businesses and corporations. This includes measuring, calculating, and communicating financial and non-financial information to keep track of how the organization is doing economically. The organization itself uses this information to optimize performance, but other entities use the …

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Veterinary Science Articles - Veterinarian and assistant working in surgery room

Veterinary Science

The Veterinary Science books and articles on Direct Knowledge can help keep you up to date on advances in the field or introduce you to new ideas. From types of vets, to specific veterinarian specialties, to veterinary medicine journals, and even career-focused articles, you are sure to find a book or article on a topic you are interested in.

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