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Affiliate programs have become popular ways for professionals to earn income online. For this reason, many professionals are interested in becoming affiliates with different sites. The potential to earn income is truly limited only by how successful a person is when promoting content.

In this article, we will explore exactly what an affiliate is. We will then cover examples of some of the most popular affiliate programs. These two topics will give you a general overview of what affiliates are and the programs they use to make money.

After that, we will delve into Direct Knowledge’s own affiliate program. We will detail the process to apply and become one on our site. After that, we will discuss the dashboard that our affiliates use to manage their efforts. The final section of the article will bring everything together and explain exactly how the Direct Knowledge affiliate program works.

Our hope is that after reading this article, you will understand what affiliates and affiliate programs are. You will understand what Direct Knowledge offers and hopefully wish to join our program.

What are Affiliates?

Affiliates are individuals who make money from advertising for another individual or company. They earn income by referring someone to purchase something from another site.

Let’s look at this a little closer. Let’s say you write for a successful blog or have your own successful website. If your blog is about education, then odds are that during your writing you may give recommendations for certain software programs or textbooks. If you were an affiliate with another site, you could provide a link to your readers to buy that software or textbook from the other site. Upon successful purchase of the product, you’d receive a small payment. This would be considered a successful referral.

Affiliates at first glance appear to simply be marketers or advertisers for a product. That is part of it, but there is more that goes into being an affiliate. Affiliates need to have a following and some sort of authority or expertise in order to make a successful referral. Essentially, the person making the recommendation should have demonstrated knowledge in that area. For instance, you should have knowledge about financial issues if you’re recommending a finance online course.

So how do affiliates actually make money from these referrals? Well, to do that, they become part of an affiliate program. They apply with a platform to be recognized as an affiliate. If approved, they can then participate in that program. Read below to find more information about affiliate programs and some of the most popular ones.

Affiliate Programs

So what is an affiliate program? According to HubSpot, “…an affiliate program is an agreement in which a business pays another business or influencer (“the affiliate”) a commission for sending traffic and/or sales their way.”

In order to enter into these agreements, you need to be accepted by a platform to become one of their affiliates. There are numerous affiliate programs online. By joining these programs, you become an affiliate with a certain site.

Affiliate programs provide ways for professionals to earn income through a specific platform. These programs are one of the primary ways that professionals earn money through having their own blog or website. Additionally, content creators of all types find these programs to be great ways to earn income. For example, individuals with large numbers of followers on social platforms earn a lot through these programs.

Direct Knowledge

Direct Knowledge offers an affiliate program. You can earn money by referring others to our site. When they make a purchase, such as an e-book or an online course, you’ll earn a percentage of that sale. After reading all about affiliates and affiliate programs, we hope you’re interested in becoming one here on Direct Knowledge. If you are, continue reading below.

Become a Direct Knowledge Affiliate

Now that you know all about affiliate programs, you’re ready to earn some extra income. It’s time to join Direct Knowledge’s Affiliate Program. Follow that link over to our affiliate dashboard. Here, you’ll be able to apply to join our affiliate program. If you are already a member of the Direct Knowledge community, some of the fields will be filled out for you using your pre-existing member data. If you are not, no worries, by applying to become an affiliate, you’ll automatically become a member of our online community. Either way, everyone needs to complete an affiliate application for the program.

What to Include in Your Application

In addition to your personal information, you will need to include a few other things to be considered as an affiliate. For instance, you will need to provide a payment email address. We will send your payment to this email address for your successful referrals each month. A common example would be to be paid through PayPal. So include that email address in your application.

You will also need to include your strategy for how you will promote Direct Knowledge. We want to see how you actually plan to market our website and products to others. Do you own your own website and will link to us? Are you a YouTuber with lots of subscribers? Do you plan to tweet links to our online courses to your followers? Be sure to let us know your strategy. Tell us as much as you can about yourself, so we can accurately judge your fit to join the program. Include anything else you may think is relevant, such as your professional or academic background.

After you apply, you will receive an email with our decision. This response typically comes within a few hours on a business day. Assuming you’ve provided everything, including a payment email and a well thought out plan, you have a high chance of being accepted. Assuming you are, read below to learn about the features of our affiliates dashboard.

The Direct Knowledge Affiliates Dashboard

Once accepted into the Direct Knowledge affiliates program, you will gain access to our dashboard. Inside of this dashboard, you will have access to all of the features of our program. Let’s explore all of those features now.

Affiliate URLs

On this screen, you will create the affiliate URLs that you need in order to refer individuals to our site for their purchases. The system creates links that are specific to you as you request them. Customers will need to click your affiliate link in order for you to make money from their purchase. This is how our system knows that you should get commission for this sale.

You can also create a “campaign” when creating your affiliate links. You can use these campaigns to organize your links into groups. This can help you have a better idea of how successful certain marketing efforts are.


The statistics section of our dashboard shows you all the information you could possibly want to know about your performance in the affiliate program. You can find information about the total number of visits or referrals. Visits are how many people visited our site through your links, while referrals are how many made purchases through your links.

Under this section, you’ll also see your conversion rate. This is how many of your total visits converted into referrals. You’ll also see information here about your earnings and your commission rate.

This section also allows you to track the campaigns that you created under the affiliate URLs tab.


Graphs allow you to see the statistical information from the previous tab in a visual format. You can track things like referral earnings over a set period of time.


The payouts section is exactly what you would think it is, based on the title. Here you can see the total number of times you’ve been paid from our site. You’ll see the date, amount, payment method and status.


In this section, you can find information about all of the visits from people who have used your associate link.


The creatives section gives you access to things like ads and banners to use with your affiliate URL. These visuals allow for a better marketing experience for Direct Knowledge products.


Under settings, you can update your payment email at any time. This is helpful if you need to change your email or payment method. You can also indicate here if you’d like to receive notifications of any successful referrals.

Direct Links

Direct links would not apply to all Direct Knowledge affiliates. In order to take advantage of this section, you would need to be responsible for all traffic from a specific domain. For instance, if you own your own website, we can create direct links for you. These direct links would allow you to receive referrals for any product on Direct Knowledge from all visitors to your site.

If you think this could apply to you, please submit your domain name under the “Direct Links” tab on the dashboard.

Now that you’re familiar with the associates dashboard, we will discuss how the affiliate program works here at Direct Knowledge.

How the Direct Knowledge Affiliate Program Works

You’ve learned all about affiliates. You know what an affiliate program is and what it should contain. At this point, you see that Direct Knowledge offers great benefits. You have even joined our program and have access to our dashboard. So now what? How does the program really work? Let’s go through our program. This breakdown will show you all the details.

Details of the Direct Knowledge Affiliate Program

  1. Books and courses pay 15% commission.
  2. The credit goes to the last affiliate that referred the customer.
  3. Commission calculations do not include shipping and taxes.
  4. Cookies from your link expire after 30 days.
  5. All book sales and all online courses have a 30 day money back guarantee. For this reason, we pay out commissions on the last working day of the month after at least 30 days have passed from the sale.
  6. Direct linking is enabled. This feature needs to be requested and approved prior to use.


The commission rate on Direct Knowledge is currently set at 15%. However, this 15% is calculated from the pre-tax and pre-shipping total. For instance, let’s say someone buys a $100 online course from your referral. With taxes, this course could cost them something like $107. But your commission would still only be $15 for this sale. 15% of the base price is the current commission rate.

Affiliate Credit & Cookies

Cookies are the part of the affiliate program that track who is making the purchase. The cookie allows our system to know that you sent the person via a link. It allows for the commission to go to the proper affiliate. There are two things to note here. First, only the very last affiliate who referred a customer earns the commission. For example, if a person clicks an affiliate’s link but doesn’t buy anything and then later clicks a second affiliate’s link and buys something, the sale goes to the second affiliate. Only one affiliate receives commission per sale. Second, these cookies expire after 30 days. If someone clicks your link, but doesn’t buy anything from Direct Knowledge until 45 days later, you would not receive commission for that sale.

Payout of Commission

Commission for books and online courses pay the same rate, 15%. All books and online courses come with a 30 day guarantee. If the student returns the course or book, we do not pay commission. So you will need to wait until the last working day of the month that is more than 30 days after the date of the sale.

Direct Linking

In order to qualify for direct linking, you’ll need approval from our site. Not all affiliates will qualify for this program. However, it is a chance to earn a lot for those who do qualify. If you can prove you are the sole owner or user of a domain, then we can give you commission for all referrals from that site. Insert your unique domain name in our dashboard to apply.

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