Actuarial Science Articles

Risk Management for Enterprises and Individuals Risk manager making risk management choice

Risk Management for Enterprises and Individuals (Book Review)

Are you considering a risky decision? Taking risks is healthy and even necessary to get ahead. But, it can also lead to disastrous consequences. Risk Management for Enterprises and Individuals is for anyone hoping to avoid the downfalls of risk-taking in their personal or professional lives. Everyone takes risks in life. But it’s sometimes difficult …

Actuarial Science Insurance concept black text Actuary under the piece of torn paper

Actuarial Science (the Ultimate Guide to Becoming an Actuary)

Actuarial Science Actuarial science is a formal mathematical discipline that uses primarily statistics to determine risk. Risk is important in long term financial industries such as insurance and pensions. In these areas, money is set aside for so long that any number of things could happen to it. Actuaries use a variety of mathematical and …

Outstanding Actuarial Scientists Soft focus photo of people participating conference listening to the speaker in conference room

Outstanding Actuarial Scientists (10 Great Careers)

When you think about finance, you probably think about the stock market, banks or C-suite executives. However, there is a large part of the sector, particularly in the realm of insurance, that offers six-figure salaries and controls a lot of what consumers pay for financial services. Outstanding actuarial scientists use statistics to provide data on …

Strength in Numbers Several numbers on the rocks

Strength in Numbers: An In-Depth Look at Actuarial Science (Book Review)

This review of the short book Strength in Numbers: An In-Depth Look at Actuarial Science for Math Enthusiasts by Chloe Hung summarizes the book and provides thoughts by a credentialed actuary. Learn what actuarial science is, what actuaries do, and why it all matters. Those interested in math or actuarial science will find something interesting in this book.

Actuarial Science History

Actuarial Science History (What Do Actuaries Do?)

The actuarial profession typically ranks high on lists of high-paying job. But what is an actuary, and what is actuarial science? This article provides a brief history of actuarial science and an introduction to the work of actuaries. From ancient shipping routes to modern securities trading, learn how actuarial science helps measure and manage risk.

Actuarial Science Journals Colorful books are arranged in a row on a dark background

Actuarial Science Journals (Differences)

A list of about 60 actuarial science journals that actuaries may be interested in. These journals can be classified as either actuarial, insurance, or finance journals. Most of these journals are peer-reviewed and some of these journals are open access. The history of actuarial science is detailed and unique. There are a lot of great theories and findings …

Actuarial Societies and Organizations Annual Report. Graphs, Diagram, Charts, Analysis, Data. Selective Focus

Actuarial Societies and Organizations (Explained)

Like any field of study, actuarial science professionals and academics participate in and join organizations. Actuarial societies and organizations contribute greatly to the field of knowledge. If you participate in these organizations, then you have access to a number of important resources. In other words, joining a society is a major benefit to professionals and …

Actuarial Science as a Profession

Actuarial Science as a Profession (Importance)

Actuarial science is concerned with risk analysis and evaluation of possible risk mitigation strategies to cushion business from the risk associated with uncertainties in life. Actuarial science as a profession is useful in the assessment of risk. Insurance providers in the property, health, and casualty sectors need experienced actuaries to determine insurance policy costs concerning …

Current Events in Actuarial Science Actuary on Newspaper background

Current Events in Actuarial Science (6 Stories You Need to Know)

Actuarial science provides a way to assess risk in finance, insurance, and other areas of business and commerce through statistical analysis. While actuarial science has not changed drastically over the years, there have been some recent developments in the field. Let’s take a look at six current events in actuarial science, focusing on the following …

Actuarial Science Topics Speech bubble dialog illustration of business term saying Actuarial science

Actuarial Science Topics (Descriptions of Each)

Actuarial science is the field of study that applies statistical and mathematical methods to analyze the risk in finance, insurance, and other professions and industries. Actuarial science topics utilize probability and statistics to  define examine, and resolve financial outcomes of uncertain future events. An actuary merges skills of a mathematician, financial investment manager and business …