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Best Academic Journals In Finance (Journal Rankings)

Whether an accounting student, faculty member, researcher, or practicing professional, journals can give you a leg up in your field. They are great for staying current on trends, research, and techniques that can lead to advances in your career. And according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of jobs is the field is …

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Principles of Financial Accounting Magnifying glass and financial documents Audit and accounting concept

Principles of Financial Accounting (Full Book Review)

Need to learn accounting concepts in a pinch? Principles of Financial Accounting can help. The textbook is a go-to guide for students and teachers alike. With hands-on exercises and over 100 visuals, readers will be punching numbers like a pro in no time. Principles of Financial Accounting explains the necessary processes for practicing accounting in …

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Financial Accounting Online Textbook Businesswoman holding a silvery pen Participation corporation

Financial Accounting Textbook (Full BookReview)

Thinking about studying accounting, but don’t know where to start? Financial Accounting will be your guide. The textbook breaks down essential concepts and practices for beginners, including introductory undergraduate and MBA students. Financial Accounting is a textbook designed for early-level accounting students. While accounting may seem daunting and complicated to some students, this book makes …

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Accounting (the Ultimate Guide to Becoming an Accountant)

Accounting, also known as accountancy or financial reporting, is the management of economic information for entities such as businesses and corporations. This includes measuring, calculating, and communicating financial and non-financial information to keep track of how the organization is doing economically. The organization itself uses this information to optimize performance, but other entities use the …

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Current Events in Accounting 1

Current Events in Accounting (5 Stories You Need to Know)

To those out of the loop, accounting sounds boring and dry. For professionals, it’s an industry and field booming with opportunity. Numbers aren’t everyone’s favorite, and many struggle with math, let alone accounting processes. Accounting is the process of managing numbers in a variety of settings. Every sort of business or establishment needs an accountant. …

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Accounting Topics

Accounting Topics (19 Subjects Explained for You)

Accounting is a field of study that will never go out of style, since every business needs to understand their financial position. But what types of things do accountants do? From accounting information systems to tax accounting, this article gives a brief overview of nineteen different topics within the broad field of accounting.