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Here, we want to help everyone learn, so we want to talk a little bit about us.

The world is changing in every which way. One thing that never falters is the human drive to learn.

Learning is as natural to us as walking, eating, and talking.

It’s something we are taught to do, as funny as that sounds. Learning to learn is one of the first experiences we have as children.

If you continue on after high school to college or a job, you’re also learning. It’s with us every step of the way through life. Here at Direct Knowledge, learning is not just something we enjoy, it’s a passion. The drive to push education forward is one that many undertake, but we try to do things a bit differently. Some websites stick to one particular type of content, or one intended audience.

Direct Knowledge isn’t just for one type of learner. You might be 20 years into a career, wanting to brush up on topics fit for your line of work. You might even be a student entering college looking for a bit more clarity on a tough subject. Likewise, you may be an industry professional hoping to share what you know to make someone else’s learning easier.

Whatever the reason you’re here at Direct Knowledge, we’re glad to have you. We want our mission to be the driving force behind your continued learning and exploration into knowledge.

About us passion led us here

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the preeminent source of information on professional topics. We aim to be helpful, insightful, and authoritative. Direct Knowledge believes the pursuit of truth and facts is a central tenet of human endeavor. Without this pursuit, humanity would not excel as it has since the dawn of civilization. Not only do we all wish to learn, but it serves as a connection between each and every one of us.

Our Commitment at Direct Knowledge

Education and a hunger for learning drive the constant development of content on Direct Knowledge, and it is our goal to share this knowledge with everyone. Through our high-quality content, we are able to connect readers with important knowledge that matters in a variety of disciplines.

There is not a single sort of person Direct Knowledge is meant for. You won’t see the site cater to professionals more than students, or educators more than industry experts.

In fact, Direct Knowledge knows that all members of the greater educational community have a role to play. Students help push innovation as they learn from those already working in the professional world. Likewise, many students know online learning tools quite well. This helps push the discourse to a more modern place, and hopefully facilitates a smooth transition for traditional professionals and educators.

We aim to reach out directly to professionals to learn about their stories, ambitions, and insights.

Everyone’s Exploration

We offer a wide range of content in fields from the hard sciences to the social sciences, from art and history to medicine and nursing, and more. These are common fields of study in higher education, but also some of the most innovative fields for professionals. For that reason, we open our content up to both ends of the spectrum. For example, professors and former educators share their knowledge on Direct Knowledge, as do professionals working in their career. There are a number of ways to engage with knowledge, as well as share experience. Our readers can learn about their intended professions and grow into their chosen fields.

We aim to reach out directly to professionals to learn about their stories, ambitions, and insights.

Our Story is About Us

Created by professionals with the intent of helping others become professionals, Direct Knowledge began by simply pulling together the best articles and media it could find. The company was officially founded on November 10, 2017 by a professor who wanted to share his knowledge with anyone. With an academic background and a passion for professional and individual development, the Direct Knowledge mission started with one passion: grow knowledge and offer a comprehensive place to learn, discuss, and network.

Direct Knowledge

Since then, Direct Knowledge has aimed to benefit everyone who visits in search of knowledge on a variety of topics. As more stories are shared, Direct Knowledge grows the platform of educational materials that can help budding professionals learn more about their interests. Even now, the site is full of great content to get newcomers on board with the top trends and tools in online learning.

Students and professionals both have roles to play in Direct Knowledge’s community. If you are a student or professional, then you should explore the information below for tips on how to best use the site.

For a lot of students, the perks of online learning make it a great way to study and explore new topics

Information for Students at Direct Knowledge

There are a number of online resources students use to further their education. Like colleges, not all resources are created equal. In fact, there are a number of places in which students end up spending money and not getting a valuable return.

If you don’t plan on purchasing anything, free resources can also be problematic. For starters, the quality of content online is so diverse that many don’t know where to turn.

For that reason, we encourage students to take advantage of all that Direct Knowledge has to offer. Whether you are a student in University, someone who loves learning, or just curious about a topic or field of study, you have a place to learn here at Direct Knowledge. There are a ton of great things to do here on the site, so let’s talk about a few of the best tools at your disposal.

For a lot of students, the perks of online learning make it a great way to study and explore new topics. Exploring could not be easier on Direct Knowledge. There are a number of ways to utilize Direct Knowledge, so we’ll briefly overview all of the ways to engage with knowledge, community members, and the entire experience.

about us online learning works

Why Online Learning at Direct Knowledge Works

Online learning is a key tool for a modern educational experience. In a lot of ways, online resources solve the problems of traditional education. Something crucial about us is the idea that online learning shouldn’t make things harder. Because of that reason, we avoid some of the more annoying aspects of online resources.

For starters, not everything on Direct Knowledge is set to a cost.

For example, we feature numerous articles you can read for free. These articles are a great way to get introduced into topics that, if you choose to do so, feature paid electronic books and courses. The articles make it easy, and free, to get to know the sort of content with which you might want to engage.

Likewise, online learning shouldn’t always be about fees and membership dues.

To be a member at Direct Knowledge, you don’t have to pay a thing!

Making the account is also very easy and straightforward. For starters, all you need to do is click create account, and work on your profile. It’s easy to fill in the information, and uploading a picture allows others to see who they are networking with. Once you have your account all ready, you can begin working intimately with all the great content on the site.

articles have an important role to play in Direct Knowledge and the website

Articles at Direct Knowledge

As mentioned above, articles have an important role to play in Direct Knowledge and the website. Articles are not all created equal across the web. For example, a list-based article on top ways to get a good college experience might not be the most credible resource. Likewise, academic writing is a crucial element to whether or not a text is scholarly or not. Scholarly articles don’t always have to come from journals or periodicals. It’s a trope that many assume is true for all scholarly articles. In fact, the resources at Direct Knowledge are scholarly. How can that be? Well, the site focuses on getting content from professionals and professors who know their fields well.

Scholarly articles can come in the form of current events pieces, overviews on the history of a subject, or other non-journal structured articles. It’s not to say that journal articles aren’t useful; some articles on Direct Knowledge are written in a much more formal tone. It’s just not the only way to engage with articles. As free resources, they’re a key element to the website.

A great way to start using Direct Knowledge is to browse the articles on the site and see what peaks your interest.

More About Us – Courses and Books

There are paid, useful tools on Direct Knowledge past the free articles. Of course, books are a great way to deep dive into a subject. If you want to try to learn a new subject, a book might be a great way to get started. If there is a topic you like, pick up an e-book from Direct Knowledge and see what you might enjoy learning about. A bit more structure helps sometimes too, which is why there are also courses.

These courses are written as lesson plans for you to follow along with, like you would a class in college. These courses do not count for college credit. Nevertheless, you might want to take a course on Direct Knowledge to adequately prepare for a college course. Every book and course on Direct Knowledge is available for members to use as they see ideal.

Information for Professionals at Direct Knowledge

Up until now, this we’ve been discussing quite a bit about learning. Of course we all love to learn. But, what about those who work professionally and want to contribute to the content on Direct Knowledge? Whether its a course, a book, or an article, publishing your work to Direct Knowledge is something that benefits everyone. To start, let’s talk about why it is that you might want to consider taking your content to Direct Knowledge.

More About Us as a Publishing Tool

In a lot of ways, professionals are always looking for a new outlet. Whether they want to share their content, beef up their resume, or connect in a new way to the community, Direct Knowledge is here to help.

Publishing an article at Direct Knowledge is a great way to start.

As a member and professional, you can write and publish on Direct Knowledge. Everything from the hard sciences to the humanities is covered on the site. For that reason, there are a number of industries and fields we want to hear from! Once you make an account, showing that you’re either a working industry professional or an educator, you can begin posting content to the site. This is a great tool for students to get to read your content while also allowing you a place to post work.

Another great thing about Direct Knowledge is the ability to post courses and books. Curious about how that works? Let’s talk about it!

About us Publish your Course or Book to Direct Knowledge

Publish your Course or Book to Direct Knowledge

Courses and books are vital tools for students. However, they’re also great tools for professionals as well! For example, nothing can help boost a resume quite like having a course or book on there. A piece of content like an online course or an e-book can really bolster what you have to offer in future job prospects.

Even if you don’t plan on moving organizations any time soon, a raise might be in order if you’re doing things such as publishing books and offering courses thanks to your expertise. The professional development possibilities on Direct Knowledge are vast, and courses and books are great ways to take full advantage.

Another essential tool is the classified ads on Direct Knowledge, which are well worth checking out for those looking to offer professional services, as well as get some extra help.

Utilize the Classifieds at Direct Knowledge

Anyone who has published work knows that the process is taxing. Not only do you need to muster up the content, but it’s tough to edit and proofread every aspect of the piece. For that reason, many get help from coworkers or other members in their department. Unfortunately, it’s not always the best option. For that reason, Direct Knowledge offers great resources via the classifieds.

Classified ads can be used and published by professional members of the Direct Knowledge online community. Let’s say you need someone to help proofread your content before publishing your e-book. Well, there are people in the community who can help, for a fee.

Likewise, you can also offer your services.

It’s a great way to make a little money using what you know best. Something we like to remind professionals about us is that we’re here to help everyone. Classifieds are a great way to do that. You can get help on your projects, offer services to others, and ensure everyone has the resources to get their project done! When it comes to telling others about us, we like to really make it clear we’re here to contribute a place for all to thrive in an educational setting.

Like What you Heard About Us? We Want to Hear from You!

Want to know more about us? Or, maybe you’re ready to join right away! Either way, talk to us! We want to hear from you on the site, as well as see your thoughts and insights attached to articles and other site content.

To get started, it’s easy: make a free account on Direct Knowledge today!

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