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Direct Knowledge was founded by a professional educator with a simple mission: to bring high-quality educational content to learners. We offer online learning experiences that connect our readers at all stages of the learning process.

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About Us

Here, we want to help everyone learn, so we want to talk a little bit about us.

The world is changing in every which way. One thing that never falters is the human drive to learn. Learning is as natural to us as walking, eating, and talking. If you continue after high school to college or a job, you’re also learning. It’s with us every step of the way through life.

Here at Direct Knowledge, learning is not just something we enjoy; it’s a passion. The drive to push education forward is one that many undertake, but we try to do things a bit differently. Some websites stick to one particular type of content or one intended audience.

Direct Knowledge isn’t just for one type of learner. You might be 20 years into a career, wanting to brush up on topics fit for your line of work. You might even be a student entering college, looking for a bit more clarity on a tough subject. Likewise, you may be an industry professional hoping to share what you know to make someone else’s learning more comfortable.

Whatever the reason you’re here at Direct Knowledge, we’re glad to have you. We want our mission to be the driving force behind your continued learning and accomplishments.

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There are over 500 million blogs worldwide and over 2 million blog posts daily. The majority of these online articles are not written by professionals for educational purposes.

Our online articles are informative and educational

Direct Knowledge has your online learning needs covered. We have educational and scholarly articles in fields ranging from actuarial science to zoology. All of our articles are freely accessible by anyone at any time.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to be the preeminent source of information on professional topics. We aim to be helpful, insightful, and authoritative. Direct Knowledge believes the pursuit of truth and facts is a central tenet of human endeavor. Without this pursuit, humanity would not excel as it has since the dawn of civilization.

Our Commitment

Education and a hunger for learning drive the constant development of content on Direct Knowledge, and it is our purpose to share this knowledge with everyone. Through our high-quality content, we connect readers with valuable expertise in a variety of disciplines.

Direct Knowledge knows that all members of the higher education community have a role to play. Students help energize innovation as they learn from those already working in the professional world. Likewise, many professionals have stories, ambitions, and insights that inspire and promote discourse. As an educational website, Direct Knowledge is committed to its role in connecting these groups of people.

Everyone’s Exploration

We offer a wide range of content in fields from the hard sciences to the social sciences, from art and history to medicine and nursing, and more. These are standard fields of study in higher education, but also some of the most innovative areas for professionals. For that reason, we open our content up to both ends of the spectrum. For example, professors and former educators share their expertise, as do professionals working in their careers.

We aim to reach out directly to professionals to learn about their stories, ambitions, and insights.

Created by professionals with the intent of helping others become professionals, Direct Knowledge began by simply pulling together the best articles and media it could find. The company was officially founded on November 10, 2017, by a professor who wanted to share his knowledge with everyone. With an academic background and a passion for professional and individual development, the Direct Knowledge mission started with one desire: offer a comprehensive place to learn, discuss, and network.

Since then, Direct Knowledge has aimed to benefit everyone who visits in search of knowledge on a variety of topics. As more articles and comments are shared, Direct Knowledge grows the platform of educational materials that helps everyone learn more about their interests. Even now, the site is full of great content to get newcomers on board with the top trends and tools in online learning.

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Over 1 million books are self-published every year. Conversely, the five largest U.S. publishing companies account for approximately 80% of the bookselling market share. Given these two things, how can professionals get their self-published books in front of an audience and help students to find them?

Learn about self-publishing and promoting your educational content

Our step-by-step self-publishing guides help authors learn the basics so that their content can reach a specific audience. Our content has unique offerings that more effectively help authors learn how to self-publish successfully.

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Why Online Learning at Direct Knowledge Works

Online learning is a crucial tool for a modern educational experience. In a lot of ways, online resources solve the problems of traditional education. Something fundamental about us is the idea that online learning shouldn’t make things harder. Because of that reason, we avoid some of the more annoying aspects of online resources.

For example, we feature numerous articles you can read for free. These articles are a great way to get introduced into topics. The materials make it natural and unfettered to get to know the sort of content with which you might want to engage.

Online learning shouldn’t be about fees and membership dues.

Articles at Direct Knowledge

Articles are not all created equal across the web. For example, a list-based article on top ways to get a good college experience might not be the most credible resource. Likewise, academic writing is a crucial element in whether or not a text is scholarly or not. Scholarly articles don’t always have to come from journals or periodicals. It’s a trope that many assume is true for all scholarly articles. Many of the resources at Direct Knowledge are academic. How can that be? Well, we focus on getting content directly from professionals and professors who know their fields well.

Begin using Direct Knowledge by browsing the categories on the site and see what piques your interest.

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Approximately 70% of high school graduating Americans will attend a college or university. However, less than two-thirds of these students will finish their degree. How many students have access to affordable educational content that will help prepare them for their classes?

Direct Knowledge offers unique reviews for online courses and educational books

Direct Knowledge offers reviews for a variety of web courses for students. Experienced professionals create these courses, and many of them are affordable. We work with professionals to help them create and then launch their online courses.

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  • David Smith is the Founder and CEO of Direct Knowledge. Inspired by more than two decades of teaching undergraduate mathematics, he founded Direct Knowledge to share high-quality educational content with anyone seeking to learn. In addition to teaching and coordinating undergraduate courses in calculus, linear algebra, and number theory at both a junior college and a Tier One research university, David pursued his personal interest in computer science with several graduate level courses in artificial intelligence and machine learning. David has a B.S. and M.S. in Mathematics.

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